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Website Packages

Note: these prices will give you a ballpark estimate of the prices that we work with.

All packages include:

  • Free domain name suggestions for your business.
  • Free SSL Certificate. Note that most hosting companies charge over $100/year for  each SSL, (domain + sub-domains).
  • Free website organization, (pages & sub-pages, navigation, etc).
  • Free image optimization.
  • Free e-mail set up, (contact@mydomain.com). Is very important to have an e-mail address that is connected to your domain instead of any free e-mail service, (Yahoo, Gmail, etc).

Basic $ 650


Ideal for a Start Up business or a local professional. 4 Pages website optimized for Search Engines, (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services or any other page you desire).
Free Adventurous Pro theme for one year! This theme is very light and responsive design!
Social Media Icons: “Follow Us” and “Share This.”
If you are not in Social Media sites we can create and optimize Business’ profiles that will connect to your website, (Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Pinterest, etc.). 
Local SEO. Ideal for people that want to be found locally.


Standard $ 1000

Up to 10 optimized pages. Theme of your choice.


Standard Plus $ 1500

Up to 10 optimized pages. Blog in a sub-domain, (blog.mysite.com). Ideal for those that are planning to use Content Marketing, Blogging and Vlogging to attract visitors.


Pro – Over $ 2000

These sites are made either with WordPress  or Custom HTML responsive design.

Every page is custom made, like the pages on this site. Up to 10 pages. Blog in a Sub-domain. Optional e-Commerce.

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